Your Easy Solution to Quit Cigarettes Using Hypnosis

Why quit smoking?

The benefits to stopping smoking begin straight away. You reduce your risk of getting serious disease no matter what age you give up!

Have you tried to quit before?

  • Did you not want to deal with the withdrawal symptoms?

  • Did you start gaining weight?

  • Did you just start smoking cigarettes for no real reason?

How do I become smoke free?

You will be working with a Quit Smoking Specialist who uses an advanced technique. We help you succeed in your goal to stop smoking and offer a lifetime guarantee!


Most people who come to us me have tried everything else – patches, Champix, laser, acupuncture etc.  But with all of those methods, nothing is done to address the underlying problem; the unconscious patterns and deep seated habit that keeps you smoking. 

Smoking cigarettes is something that is out of your conscious control.  It is an unconscious behaviour.  A deep-seated habit.  Something you do automatically without even thinking about it.

So what we do is work out what those unconscious triggers and patterns are and release them. 

  We look for those unconscious triggers and patterns that are keeping you smoking.  Then we do a full hypnosis session to release those triggers and patterns – that deep seated habit.  Some people think it’s the nicotine that keeps them smoking but it is actually the habit that is the addiction.

Once those things are released and you eliminate the habit, the nicotine is no longer an issue and you walk out a ‘non-smoker’.

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